A Ride in the Evening

The concepts are all wrong you, with your fashionable beret perched lightly on your greasy hair and me, balking beneath my ball cap. We finally arrive even though you thought twice about it more than once And there we are laughing at nothing. And my Scrabble tiles had to be just so. I won that […]

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Mikey & Sara

Sara’s lying next to the fire She doesn’t care when she’s gonna die She’s only glad for today cuz she’s living She gets up from her place on the ground Brushes the dirt from her worn out jeans She sees him comin’ near her But she ingores him And he says to her all those […]

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Reading the Scroll

Rhondelough exists in the mind of a young lady who is destined for Great Things. It is a place of wonder and imagination, of magic, heart, and the pursuit of knowledge. These entries are only excerpts from the scroll which Lady C holds so fondly and deeply in her heart. They are precious to her, but she can not keep them locked up high in the castle tower; she wants to share them with you. So, dear reader, take care as you wander to and fro in fair Rhondelough, for you will not know when some magic falls upon you if you so easily dismiss it.

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